Best Customer Retention Program Must Include This

Every single customer retention program must include actions to let the customers know they are being heard. This is the number one strategy that must be included in every retention plan. If a customer does not feel as if the company is not really listening, all other strategies may fail. It’s that important.

Historically, most Customer Service Departments are established to be therapists for distraught customers. To listen to customers who want or need to complain. That’s of high value although it may not ultimately solve all the problems. The very fact that a company has some kind of method to listen to customers goes a long way.

Listen to this to see why this woman is a happy customer:

Many companies use customer satisfaction surveys to demonstrate they are listening to their customers. You will hear me rant on and on about this: Customer satisfaction surveys do not demonstrate that a company is listening to its customers!!!! These surveys are false indicators within a customer retention program. In fact, surveys demonstrate that a company expects customers to do all the work to make the company better.

On the other hand, surveys do play a part in providing a forum for the company and the customer to come to an understanding. The customer will only feel he/she has been listened to if the company is honorable enough to respond to customers – after the survey has been analyzed – with statements about what it heard. “Thank you for participating in our survey and this is what we heard from you. These are the actions we will be taking based on what you told us.”

Seriously, it almost sounds too easy. Each and every company on the planet should know EXACTLY what they have in place to let their customers genuinely feel as if they are being heard. Yes, customers want discounts. Yes, customers want more stuff, yet more than that, they want to be heard.

Every program designed to achieve the best in customer retention, must include methods of really hearing what customers have to say.

2 Responses to “Best Customer Retention Program Must Include This”

  1. Walt says:

    My company has used customer surveys for the last four years and we have not made any improvements to the service. I am having trouble convincing the head of the department that the surveys aren’t giving us any silver bullets. She insists on sending them to our customers anyway. Each year we get fewer and fewer customers participate and we don’t do anything different after the surveys. Thanks for letting me complain but I like your video.

    • admin says:

      Walt, thanks for complaining! I understand how frustrated you must feel. If a customer survey is to be administered, there must be an end goal already established. Does your team ask, “What do we want to do with this information” before the surveys go out? There is an art to asking the questions that will unearth good feedback. In addition, there is an art in interpreting the data that comes back from the customers. I hope you have some professionals on board who are assisting with that. Then the action items must be developed in response to what you learned on the surveys. Lastly, communications must go out to internal and external audiences on what you learned and what your company will be doing in response. If those general activities aren’t happening at your company, it will be a frustrating experience to watch. If you can’t persuade your management to approach this with more strategy, I advise you to find a great book to read that lights your fire!

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